About Us

Welcome to the Christian Crisis Network, the world’s first Christian empowerment news website! The mission of our site is to help people of faith across the world stay in touch with relevant faith-based news events from highly respected sources while also mass-organizing everyday Christian news readers to help fight against Christian persecution. Our site does this through using our Crisis Alert notification system. Crisis Alerts are messages designed to rally online Christians together during times of need in order to be most efficiently directed to reputable charity organizations as well as prayer campaigns. This site was designed and built by an organization composed of concerned students from Chapel Hill, NC. Each of us wanted to use the blessing of our college education to help make the world a safe place for people of faith. Our team sincerely believes that every Christian in this world should have the right to be treated with compassion and dignity!


We appreciate that you took the time to come and get to know us and hope you have a blessed day!


*CCN is currently in its first version, so all of our site’s features are not yet active, but we still really appreciate that you took the time to come learn about our organization’s mission. As the site develops further we will be able to show off the full scope of its abilities and give additional details about how the Crisis Alert system and other site features will function for our news readers.


CCN Development Team